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by - January 28, 2022

Adult acne


I barely had any product that I used a second time, that’s how impatient I got with my skin.  You might be wondering why at 25? 
Adult acne hits different because, in retrospect, this wasn’t was my first time breaking out. In fact, I was one of those that got puberty acne that later graduated to PMS acne. 

The change that came this time was drastic and all in the same year to the point that my dad who never makes comments about our appearance was suddenly asking what I may be reacting to because my face was suddenly a mess in May, especially as up until that time my skin was pretty clear.

before adult acne
My Skin at the beginning of 2021 ( February)

The first breakout came on my forehead which gradually spread across my cheeks, down to my jawline. 
While the breakouts on my forehead area were a bit thinner than usual breakouts and were more pustular, my cheeks had more painful cystic pimples. 
Last year, I turned 25 and suddenly found myself in the rabbit hole of skincare products, obsessing over the latest trends and products that quite frankly drilled a hole in my pocket. 

Adult Acne
A few weeks after my 25th birthday in April


In the Mud…
This is the best way to describe the level of my self-confidence at this time was, in the first four months of dealing with this, I would only take pictures to track any changes, I became obsessed. 
This was when I started researching tips and hacks. 
Adult Acne

My face got worse as the weeks rolled by.


I’ve always loved living as natural as possible so, during this time, it made absolute sense that I started off taking an all-natural route, besides my homemade Honey and cinnamon mask, I read from a bunch of skincare blogs how tea tree oil was a really great spot treatment for acne because of it’s anti-bacterial properties ( I got two big bottles on sale), so I gravitated.  

When that didn’t seem to work, I looked to beauty hacks led me to one of the biggest mistakes in this process, “using Sudocrem on face”  quick PSA; every product seems like it’s working on the first two days, that's the placebo effect of being convinced that they work. 

For two weeks, Sudocrem did nothing for me but block my pores and give me even more breakouts on my forehead. It was at this moment i figured it was time to turn to actual products. 

So after extensive research and fear of using anything too harsh, I got a Jar of Salicylic acid pads, a salicylic cream wash, and complemented it with my Vitamin C serum. If you’re knowledgeable about skincare, I’m sure at this point you’re wondering “What about Sunscreen???” 
Sorry to disappoint you but i didn’t use any, I got so obsessed with my breakouts, I lost focus on the basics, and Naturally, I got mild burns from the interaction with the sun. 

I was getting darker by the day, at this point I took my face to God in prayer because I just couldn’t get it, why was this happening to me. Making up got even more stressful because it was more and more about cover-ups than just looking fly and I had grown comfortable bare facing that this was such a chore. 

My face using Salicyclic acid and other acne treatments without sunscreen

I also looked to K-beauty and used a highly recommend volcanic ash mask that was pretty drying but I’d admit made my face feel smoother after rinse off. 



Writing about this has a tendency to make the timeline to acceptance seem shorter than it actually was, this took a moment. First came rediscovering my sauce, then being patient with my dear skin which whom I’d been so cruel on, I finally got sunscreen and didn’t restock on my BHAs. Took a step back for my face to breathe, plus I was honestly tired.  I forgot to mention I also made use of anti-biotics and vitamins supplements. FYI: I actually ate a pretty solid healthy diet but desperation drives you to do the most unnecessary things. 


While I had suggestions from a few derms and aestheticians who pretty much spoke the same language, watching the documentary by skin episode of the latest  Explained documentary on Netflix really was the turning point of my journey, IKR! SO RANDOM. 

The two things that stood out for me was how they convinced me that pimples in themselves aren’t pathological, and I got to learn about how washing products are pretty abrasive on the skin and how my skincare routine should be aimed at two things;  Restoring my skin’s PH, then replenishing lost moisture and protection. The emphasis of the fewer products the better couldn’t be heard loud enough. 

At this time I’d already started using the mary kay clear proof acne cream ( 5% Benzoyl peroxide) which patience I’d been seeing results only issue was my skin was getting dry. 
 With my new goals in mind, I got a new routine that was modified for day and night.

Chika’s Routine today

  • Wash 
  • Cleanse
  • VitC Serum + Hyaluronic Moisturizer
  • Acne spot cream 
  • Pure Morrocan Argan  Oil ( Thanks to my sister that went to Morocco on vacation) 
  • Water-based Sunscreen

Guess what? My skin improved! Not like I stopped breaking out, I still do but the acne runs its course and my skin looks healthy the entire time. Right now I’m pretty satisfied with my skin and while I still have spots that show what once was, I’m back! 

adult acne
My skin these days 

adult acne
I actually embrace my spots but if you feel like spoiling your girl send me FADED by Mytopicals 

The only thing I’ll be willing to add to my routine right now would be faded by topicals spots cream. The reviews preceded it, but not only is it hard to find, but Nigerian skincare vendors also tend to leverage this and price it ridiculously in comparison to its retail price. 

So If you know where I can get this product for a reasonable price please plug me in or gift it to me.

This is what it looks like 👀

Anyways, I hope my sharing did something for you, or anyone dealing with acne. 

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