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My Experience Taking The Train From Lagos To Ibadan And Back

by - November 02, 2023

lagos train station


If you're in Lagos and you're thinking about taking a trip to Ibadan, of course, there are a lot of transportation options, from road to air, but the train is perhaps the only means of transportation that is safe and relatively affordable.
I'm going to share my experience on the train with you, from the cost of the tickets, the appearance of the coaches, and the experience at each station, both in Ibadan and Lagos.

At The Train Station

So two stations in Lagos depart for Ibadan, the Mobolaji Johnson Station in Yaba, and the Ladoke Akintola station in Agege.
Even though the two stations are relatively close to me, I chose the station in Yaba because the environment is more serene in comparison to Agege.

The train leaves at 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. daily, and since I'm not familiar with the roads in Ibadan, I decided to take the early morning train.

Nigerian train ticket
A regular ticket from Lagos to Ibadan 

I arrived at the station at 6:45 am, and by that time, there was already a queue for tickets. The queue moved fast, and less than 10 mins after I arrived, I'd gotten my ticket. For the trip to Ibadan, I got the regular ticket, which cost N3,600. They only accept cash at the counter, and you're advised to come with change because the likelihood they have change is very slim. You'll also be required to provide a means of identification before you're issued a ticket.
During my trip back, however, I noticed they weren't strict with these rules at the Ibadan station in Moniya. I took the Business Coach class on the train, thanks to my really good friend, so I got to compare the classes.

Nigerian train ticket
Business class ticket from Ibadan to Lagos

Getting to the station at Moniya was more tasking, and despite us taking a cab ride, it cost a ridiculous N8,000. According to the driver, he would lose money because he wouldn't be able to get a rider heading back to town. The business class ticket cost N6500, and just like Lagos, they only accepted cash.

The two stations had a lot of POS operators around them, but the rates were pretty regular.
After getting my ticket at both stations, I went to the waiting area, which is impossible to miss. 

One funny observation I made was that despite the waiting area in Lagos being significantly larger, the air conditioning at the Station in Moniya was more effective. The waiting area in Lagos didn't seem to have electricity, so the announcement was done manually, while at Ibadan it was done over the PA system.

Inside The Train

train seat numbers
seat numbering in regular

The Regular coach is split into two parts, where one side has three seats and another has two seats. I was lucky enough to get a seat near the window and at the center of the coach, which are the only seats in this class that have a table.

Each seat has a socket and USB portals for charging phones that work well. The legroom is fair, and the seats are covered with green seat covers.

seat numbering in business coach

In the Business class coach, it feels more like being on a plane. Each seat has a snap-back table with a cup holder. This area created the perfect ambiance for working or watching a movie. During my first trip, I was more focused on creating content in the regular coach, but on my way back, I was much more comfortable, so I spent most of the time watching a movie.

This overall trip was two hours and forty-five minutes in total. Food was allowed on the train, but food was allowed to be sold on the train. So far I noticed besides snacks like meat pie and sausages, they only sold plates of Jollof rice and chicken, which cost N2500.

watching a movie in business class

The rice was very good, but the snacks were pretty subpar in my opinion, with very little meat in the pies and sausages. Sadly on the trip back to Lagos, there was no rice.

view from inside train
view from inside the train


In the morning when I arrived at Ibadan, the train station at Moniya was not as busy, and to save money I took a bus from the station that cost N500 to any location in town. If you plan to use this bus, it's advisable to be quick because it's only one bus that leaves the station between morning and afternoon.
Arriving at the Yaba Train Station at night

Arriving in Lagos in the evening, on the other hand, was a lot more hectic than I anticipated. From the crowded escalators and elevators to the overpriced transport fares, if you have the option of someone coming to pick you up from the train station, I'd say take it.


The Nigerian Railway Corporation did a thing because this has made traveling to places like Ibadan and Abeokuta a lot more convenient, so will I travel by train again? Absolutely. Maybe this time, I'll use the first-class option, which costs N9,000 and give you guys an update.

You can watch my train experice video and follow my other travel experiences on instagram here

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