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Third Mainland Bridge: The Portholes Rebellion

by - October 18, 2023

Every day in  Lagos Nigeria, something deep, dark, and sinister happens. Unlike the stories that tell you the tale of a thriving metropolis, this story tells of the Portholes Rebellion. You see, the portholes in Lagos are not simple road imperfections like they’d like you to believe. These are revered miniature sinkholes that lead to the underworld. 

As cars dare to cross this bridge, drivers must negotiate with these sinister portholes, bribing them with tire sacrifices and axle tributes. 

They were not always this way mind you, but there came a time when the roads got so bad that potholes became envious birthing into the world, full-fledged craters. And so, on Third Mainland Bridge, the legend of bad roads and their porthole overlords continues, making it an experience for truly brave travellers.

Nonetheless in the midst of this chaos, one group thrives; the car mechanics. Building empires under these concrete arches by offering their services to drivers who dare to cross, turning the bridge into a circus of fortunes lost and found. Little do we know, in this land of absurdity, they are the true masterminds. 

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