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Ten Interesting Things to do in Lagos on a 10k budget

by - March 18, 2022

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Inflation is a bi@ch, and she’s not even bad, but does this mean we would have to stay inside until things get better or until when it seems we can afford to be in certain spaces? Of course not. 

I’ve seen a lot of tweets circulate, especially during special days like valentines day claiming that it is impossible to have a great time out in Lagos on a budget less than N50,000. 

If you happen to be someone who can’t afford to spend this amounts of money on single outing, you don’t need to worry even a little bit because as someone who enjoys the occasional day or days out in Lagos and, who documents as many really good experiences on google reviews, I have decided to share my top ten locations in Lagos that you can conveniently spend below N10,000. 
This list has been split between mainland and island, so wherever you find yourself there's somewhere for you. 

Lagos Mainland 

The Grid Restaurant and Winery

Located within buzzing parts of Opebi Ikeja, the grid is an awesome spot for people who love to dine and don’t mind a contemporary music in the background. The food prices range from about NGN2500 to NGN 10,000, I’d always advise opting for platters here, this way you get to enjoy more with your friends and spend less. 

Also, the best days to visit are definitely Thursdays, which are karaoke nights. The DJ seems to know what he’s doing, and the entire vibe is just quaint and nice. 

best soft serve in lagosbest soft serve in lagosSofts Ice cream

So I figured based on my location, a lot of these places are within Ikeja environs. So softs is a quaint soft serve spot located in Isaac John, it shares a space with Burg ( Burger spot), so you can get an ice cream cone and pop into burg for a slider. 
Ice Cream ranges from NGN 2000 to NGN 5000. 

Eagles Spur 

One of my favorite spots ever, regardless of how “old” it gets. Besides the affordable meals that range from NGN1600 to NGN 5000,  at spurs, you can even get shots for as low as NGN 400

I’d like to point out that the general ambiance of Spurs is not as great in the Ikeja branch but the one in Lekki, is still doing great in the ambiance department. 

Hua Han
                                Korean places to eat in Lagos
This is one of the very few Korean restaurants in Lagos, and while their prices aren’t as low as some of the other places on this list, the hack is to go with friends. Portion sizes are pretty ridiculous so if you’re on your own, you are likely to have leftovers. The ambiance is 10/10 but it gets pretty high traffic at midday on weekends, and if you're like me, find it pretty annoying, so I suggest visiting from 7:00 pm. 

Jaekel House

While this spot has nowhere to eat, I felt like mentioning it because not a lot of people know about this historic building in the heart of Ebute Metta. Visit here and get a full tour of the grounds for free, however pictures are not allowed inside the building.  

Lagos Island 


Although the restaurant will likely not identify as low-budget, cilantro is definitely one of those places where with proper planning, you can do without spending above NGN 10,000. 
You can check out my review on google here. 

Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Art 

Imagine my surprise last year, learning about this magnificent art museum in Pan Atlantic University, Lagos, and having to visit myself. The best part for me was getting to see real art from some of the artists I learnt about in high school. 
Yemisi shyllon museum of artYemisi shyllon museum of art

Road trip advice: Don’t forget to pack a lot of water and snacks along, the drive from Lagos is roughly two hours from the island so you can imagine if you are coming from the mainland. 
It costs nothing to visit.

Landmark beach

My second favorite beach in Lagos because if it’s cleanliness and access to food. Here you spend NGN 2000 to enter, and the rest is up to you to figure out. Luckily, chicken republic is on the beach, so you know you can get a full meal including a drink for as low as N 1100. 

Now the cost of activities on the beach are pretty pricey, so I advise going with friends and bringing your own games. 

Yoga on Tarkwa Bay

Having a cheap day on my favorite beach involves getting food beforehand,  my friends and I usually would get food and drinks from Shoprite with a N10,000 budget for three. Since the beach is pretty much an island far from the city , we would take speed boats which cost NGN 4,000 per person. Getting into the beach costs N200. Also getting an area to sit can cost between N 5000. But this also depends on the size of the group. 

You can read more about planning a getaway to Tarkwa Bay in my previous article, Sunday At Tarkwa Bay. 


Last but definitely not the least is Upbeat. 

I love activity outings, and one low budget, high intensity spot to consider is upbeat. 
For N 4500, you get to experience an hour of physical activities. Once again, this is great to do with a group of friends or for a date. 

If you’re one of those people who like to eat right after, even though there is a restaurant in upbeat, I’d advise heading to eagles spur Lekki, it’s just around the same environment.
You spend less and get much more satisfaction. 

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