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by - January 11, 2022


Spiderman no way home


I've finally seen spiderman: no way home, and before I begin, I want to thank all the people in my life that kept information about this movie before I saw it. 
Two weeks ago, I mistakenly retweeted a tweet that had spoilers about the movie out of excitement, and I quickly undid it, after playing back Zendaya, Tom Holland, screaming no spoilers. 
However if you haven't seen it by now, I assume you're waiting for the bootleg or torrent versions and don't deserve to be protected from spoilers. 
As far as this movie is concerned, there are a bunch of gasp, claps, and tear-jerking moments, which I actually gave in to, from the introduction of some of the most unruly villains in the spider-verse to the peter parkers joining forces.
As much as I'd like to say seeing MJ (Zendaya) getting saved by the amazing spiderman ( Andrew Garfield) as some sort of redemption from the guilt of Gwen Stacy's death, seeing Toby Maguire was the moment I was seeing one of the greatest spiderman movies of all time (Into the spider-verse remains the best in books). 
I really did shed spidey tears when they all spoke about their parallel losses. 


Spiderman no way home

Can we all agree that Tom Holland's spiderman so far has been the most pampered in the entire universe, from having Tony Stark as a mentor to being a member of the Avengers and facing the most chill villains outside Thanos?  In this movie, we're reminded why green goblin is the absolute worst and get to pity peter because WTF? really marvel, from facing junior villains to the OGs is not beans. 

Luckily he had his friendly neighbourhood spidey men to help, and I love Marvel for finally giving us the spider meet cliche we deserve. 

Is it just me found it hilarious the contrast of When spidermen meet in comparison to when the Lokis met? 


Spiderman no way home

Seeing for everything to work out, the world had to forget peter parker, I'm excited to see how peter would manage to get MJ back, the snippet from the year after was really giving "if it's meant to be, it'll happen" 
They're too cute. 

Meanwhile, alarm bells people, is Dex a wizard now? I need answers now.

Asides from the obvious after credit scenes that hint at Venom being the next villain in this universe, can we not move past the nostalgic peter parker apartment we see our baby boy move into at the end? 
I think we just watched the making of spiderman, no longer the kid that came into stark labs in the first movie. 

My Sort of Review  

This is marvel so you know a bunch of things will be on point; 
Cinematography, and all of the technicalities of film. However in addition, for my OG spiderman lovers, no way home really has the elements of spiderman, Wit, love, sadness and hope. 

I loved this movie and can go on and on about it, but I'd love to hear from you, share your thoughts in the comments and share your ratings from a scale of 1-10, with 10 being Stan Lee loving it! 

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