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by - September 05, 2016

For a while now I’ve been getting a lot of comments from few people asking how I’ve managed to stay in style even during this period of recession in Nigeria because I tend to rock different looks almost every time they see me and people who are close to me know how much I hate spending money but most especially I love staying stylish.

So how exactly do I pull the both off?
Old clothes!  I never throw my clothes away and these are the reasons why:
Making reference to my earlier post on buying into the Naira (check it out if you haven’t ) the first reason why you should never throw away old clothes is that trends are recycled  for both genders, fashion trends especially in this generation from time to time are being recycled so an old attire today could be a major style hit tomorrow, for example this my Victorian/Africanish top was gotten for me by mum in 2011 and I actually really hated it at first but me being me and having my no clothes shall be abandoned policy kept it and never really wore it out till this year and I think it looks pretty good for something bought in 2011, you’d probably ask what if you added weight or lost weight or even grew taller and the clothes just don’t fit anymore would you now throw it out?
Styling tip: Heard of vintage or retro looks? They’ve made a huge comeback this year so why not key into those old clothes you probably didn’t wear in 2001 and get a cheap tailor to get it fitted to size if it doesn’t fit and rock remember the key ingredient in every style is confidence.
The answer is still no and here’s why
Every clothing for a fact is made from fabric and fabric can be made into anything we want it to be that’s how we get our clothes so just like these clothes were made so they can be remade, yeah clothes can be remade into new in vogue items if we can creatively tell what the fabric of the old clothes are suited for and in some cases depending on our time and creativity incorporate multiple fabrics to be combined to make items  like a poncho, bowtie, top, choker, croptop and a lot more the sky is literary the limit that’s why I’ve also taken time to create a video blog that I would be launching soon on how to remodel clothes with spending close to nothing and this would help to make a wardrobe change without doing any shopping.
If you read my very first fashion post I mentioned something about going through mum and dad’s old clothes to filter out what’s in vogue and add them into your wardrobe, but I’ve also discovered a new way to get clothes without having to go through mum or dads dusty old stuffs and this is through  wardrobe swaps, there are a lot of people that shy away from rocking hand me downs or already worn clothes ( popularly known as OK as in okirika in Nigeria) probably because of the fear of who might have worn them before and if this happens to be you then its paramount you try the wardrobe swap get a few friends that you trust have similar style with you,then set a date where you all take clothes that you don’t think you’d ever wear and trade it’ll be just like shopping just that this would be free and trust me you’d surely get a few clothes that you like and if you’re lucky some might be brand new.
And to conclude this post I’d like to tell a little tale that happened about a month ago, so I just completed my last semester in the university and I wasn’t going to keep over 4 boxes of clothes that I had just brought home so I made an arrangement of clothes and shoes that had gone through what I and my friends like to call (seen better days) those are clothes that I had worn so much that people basically knew me by and I had put it the garage forgetting to donate them for the jumbo sale at my church and we have this lady that occasionally came to cook and clean the house and one day she just asked me what was in the box I told her clothes and she could have any of them she wanted, she left that day with a Baco bag filled with clothes and when she came the next week she said “those clothes wey I collect ehen as I dey enter my compound my neighbor see me and she don dey ask for her share” and she later told us she shared them with almost everyone in her compound, my point is clothes as insignificant and sometimes vain as they may seem are often are huge weight on a lot of peoples finances and in the midst of this current economy throwing away clothes should be a taboo because what you consider trash in all reality is someone else treasure so my final reason not to throw away any clothe is that you can DONATE.
   Me working the Victorian Africanish top
photo cred: schucksmedia 
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