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Bowties: The latest feminine steal

by - September 12, 2016

Bowties have been in existence for a very long time and have been primarily a major accessory in men’s fashion for black tie but recently since the dynamics of fashion have changed with time and now bow ties come in different shapes, sizes and designs and as much as I love seeing men in bowties, pulling off the gentleman look there’s one thing I love more and that’s being able to apply the bowtie in my own look, sometime in 2015 I was so inspired by the bowtie look that I actually made one for myself out of some of my old pair of jeans, pairing it with a white shirt, ripped jeans. recently I was privileged to model theses really cool bowties by The Indulgence™ which make men their main priorities in making accessories but during the shoot and also after I couldn’t help but notice how darn good bowties look on flesh and since women have a history of stealing and owning a lot of attires made originally for men like blazers, bomber jackets and baseball caps to name a few  and like most of these fashion pieces we the girls *clinking wine glasses 
 are about to take over from bowties and something has got to give and chokers might just be it.               

Why you ask?
Firstly bow ties obviously occupy the same body part as chokers, and chokers really came back in vogue from the last time they reigned in the early 2000’s and like most fashion items would eventually fade out to a normal not so specially accessory in your jewelry box and you’ll be in need to try something new or rather wait for a new trend to take course, and if there’s any thing this choker era has taught us it’s that there’s just something really special about having something at the mid region of the neck that gives it kind of a faux elongation  and now they’re almost a million kind of chokers and its slowly becoming quite ordinary (maybe it’s just me ).
Bow ties are really one of those accessories we haven’t really tried out for a long time now it’s still regarded a novelty item for years although guys wear them from time to time and ladies now wear them limiting it mostly for a cooperate or costume look, and it really just seems like we’re wasting a really good style resource, booties too can and should be ready to wear, as ladies we can easily takeover the bow tie from guys the same way we did with our other stolen trends.

What can you wear them with you said?
Rocking a bow tie in place of a choker isn’t as limiting as it may seem, first things first know your style, and since bow ties come in different shapes and sizes without proper research you might not know which kind perfectly suits you. I never really knew this at first until I had to make one for myself, (for lack of finding a pattern that suited me). A lot of chokers come as bold and filled with details and it’s the same with some bow ties. This also applies to the simple chokers, basically whether you’re going with a very casual and laid back look or a cooperate look or even the infamous cooperate casual look get this there’s style or pattern of bow tie that would suit your look.

 Starters you can try an off shoulder top or dress these should definitely go well with a patterned, denim and even knitted bow tie you can also try it with a tube dress or even just a really low cut top were the neckline is completely free if you’re going for the casual laid back look but if heading in the cooperate direction it’s advisable to stick to block and neutral colors and in no time you’d be developing your very own style for the bow tie look!.


-styling tip
When searching for bow ties to suit your style or personality let the kind of chokers you own be the judge and if you’re not a choker wearing girl but want to try out this new trend start with small sized bow ties with plain bold colors so you can easily in your own time grow into the trend.

And if for some reason you don’t feel confident enough trying the bow tie just know ………..
The secret for every new or upcoming trend the number one key accessory to posses is confidence, after all its confidence that made trends like ripped jeans to come to life and ladies if for some reason you don’t seem to find any bow tie that matches your personality no need to sweat you can make yours I’d be launching a video blog next month that would basically be about transforming your old clothes to new items so you’d have to stay tuned so you don’t miss my bow tie tutorial which would probably cost almost nothing to make because we’d be making use of old clothes !!!!!!!!!!!.

Don’t forget to leave comments would like to hear what you thought about this post plus if you want further advice on rocking bowties or if you’ve tried this look already feel free to hit me up on instagram @igboafricana_ or tweet at me @cheeka_tcd with hashtags #igboafricana and #bowtiesvschokers and I’d be reposting the best photos in my weekly style gallery do have a stylish weekend.

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