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Survival 101: 5 must have GOLD DIGGING characters…..

by - September 19, 2016

I’ve always referred to the Private cross dresser as a fashion and lifestyeish blog, you’d probably understand why at the end of this post.
  Now everyone agrees that being a gold digger is not a very virtuous attribute, makes you sometimes wonder why is it that someone who doesn’t exactly do anything meaningful gets to enjoy similar luxuries as hardworking folks, seems a bit unfair init?, Wasn’t until I took the time to study a few famous gold diggers that I realized ‘that shit is actually a lot of work (intellectual work that is) so I took the time to compile a few characters every gold digger has that can help achieve success.

First class gold diggers are very ambitious, they never do things for doing sake there’s always an endgame. If you have any gold digger friend or even family observe them closely you’re sure to discover how they always have an endgame and are ready to put in all the work to make it happen.

FOCUS 24/7
Gold diggers are the most focused people you will ever get meet, they literarily DO NOT HAVE TIME for distractions. You can agree that a lot of us need a little more focus in life, especially if you find out that you’re constantly bothered about unproductive advice from people especially when it involves your life decisions, after all if a gold diggers source of wealth aka his/her boo loses their wealth they’re on to the next, the same way we should be on to the next if we discover anything that tries to get in our way of achieving success.

Gold diggers are hardcore PRETENDERS; they are so good that sometimes they make it hard to identify who the breadwinner in their relationships. You might be thinking but ‘why do I need to pretend I love myself enough to do it #selflove #beyourself’, I get it but the kind of playing pretend I mean is the kind that reflects confidence, after all we’re all familiar with the phrase ‘in order to get the part you have to play the part’. in the quest for success you need to be confident enough to see yourself in the position you want to get to and that jump starts your quest.

Gold diggers are such powerful group of people (mentally that is). They manipulate their prey into believing they genuinely have love for them after which they then take their place in lives of their prey, so how does this apply to us? Well it’s like this, if you want to succeed you’ve got to get people to buy whatever it is you’re selling ( your business ) you should be  persuasive enough to convince people that would play essential roles in getting you your success that whatever it is that you have is the best. 

So I came up with this last minute after seeing a show on TV, it was a TRUE STORY. It had this lady (a gold digger) who after she got into a financial problem started searching in the newspapers for rich men who had currently lost their wives. Gold diggers research even more than some of you want to begin certain businesses, you don’t take the time to research things like, who would buy the product or if you’re looking for a job what are the companies that are most likely to employ you and for business owners who is most likely to invest. Gold diggers make adequate research on whoever it is they plan on having a relationship with to figure out things like, who’s the most vulnerable, who they can manipulate into getting things like inheritance.

Gold diggers treat every relationship they’re in like a project because that’s their business, how they SURVIVE and their pretty good at what they do that’s why is suggest making use of their key characters I may be wrong although I strongly believe this, that’s why I’d love to know what you think using the COMMENT section below or you can tweet at me @cheeka_tcd using the hastag #thinkinglikeagolddigger, chao.

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