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You most definitely aren’t what you wear

by - July 10, 2016

A lot of people would greatly disagree with the title of this post especially the overly morally grounded ones but it is so true when it comes to the world of fashion from my perspective I see it as whatever you wear gives you the opportunity to express yourself in many ways, my clothes cannot by any means define my character trust me with time spent with my fashion savvy friends I can at least narrow down some of the fashion definitions that I think are more modernized as compared to the regular PROVOCATIVE DRESSSER or the CONSERVATIVE DRESSERS and they are
·         The African Slay queens
The African slay queens are simply girls who are those that can’t do without PRINTS. It is at least incorporated even in the slightest way and what personality do you give to the kind of person that dresses this way??? a FREEDOM FIGHTER?  Or maybe a TREE HUGGER in love with nature and all but I’ve had times where I feel the need to dress this way and I might be a freedom girl but definitely not a tree hugger .

·         Love and hip hop wannabe
So I’m such a sucker for the hit reality show love and hiphop and I noticed in the show there are tree dominating trends and these are NUDE LIPPIES, BODYCON DRESSES and the most common of them BIG BUTTS, so I have this friend that is absolutely into bodycon dresses and she has a humongous bum bum so I decided to call her that LOVE AND HIPHOP GIRL but she is sooooo not like any of the women in love and hiphop she isn’t loud and she is quite a book worm but it’s her look but most definitely not her.

·         The girly girls  (ggs)
This is just your everyday regular girl that likes the dresses, hair curled and free never in a bun but who exactly is a complete girly girl honestly this is the most deceitful and misleading look, familiar with the quote SHE LOOKED LIKE SUCH A GOOD GIRL, that’s the girly girl and not saying all ggs are misleading but it just driving more to the whole point of not wanting to be defined by an outfit.

·         That bossy chick
Lol ,,, this is the most cliché of them all were because the ladies who cop those blazers and pants suits and all that cooperate mumbo jumbo are considered the highest ranks in the money making world but most are just running with the whole DRESS HOW YOU WANT TO BE ADRESSED bants which is cool and all but that might not be who they are ……………..I’m completely in love with blazers but when it’s time to look turnt I do and sometimes I even incorporate my blazer wearing self to my club outfits and this what I call being FASHION BIPOLAR the only good kind of bipolarism.
IMG-20160613-WA0031.jpg Me ready for a Friday night with my bandeau top, shorts and blazer

So next time someone tells you, hey you know you’re what you wear so dress how you want to be addressed abeg just hiss except if you’re from  a Nigerian home of course just comply and if you happen to be fashion bipolar I congratulate you and welcome you to the club of master confusionists.

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