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Christmas and Easter i know but biko Black friday ??

by - April 29, 2016

One of the most important days in the world apparently seems to be a day tagged as "BLACK FRIDAY" because its that one day that the prices of virtually everything drops to about 90% and this is applicable to items in the fashion world like clothes, accessories, and makeup, but lets come home to Nigeria does this really mean anything to us (in the fashion world that is ) , because firstly we don't exactly have the best internet and most walk in stores would be too afraid to partake in full blown black Friday because of the level of brutality involved and honestly when it came to getting clothing items and fashion stuff especially for specific occasions we can all relate to the traditional Christmas shopping and also from my past experiences with black Friday in Nigeria attempting to haul a whole bunch of outfits and accessories most times it just seems like a minor reduction from an exaggerated cost.
so when exactly is the best time to shop for your favorite fashion items in Nigeria you ask, its quite tricky here firstly the type of items matter and if we remember secondary school economics about demand and supply its very active in the Nigerian fashion market and that's basically our own shopping seasons so here are a few items I've been able to decipher when to get them from observations over the years


Since denims aren't really seasonal clothes like sweats and African prints and head ties its safe to say its price its not really affected by any particular time of the year but in some cases id suggest a week or two after a major holiday like Christmas or Easter even summer just before shops restock,  i was lucky one Monday when i walked into one of the best shops for casual clothing items in Lagos at reasonable costs and i was actually searching for a sweatshirt  and i make it a habit not to check only the section specific clothes are kept because some shops put clothes that probably have discount tags at hidden spots like its a test  to find them so on this Monday during my search a found a denim jacket at just  #1700

  This I'm very sure because I've been able  to shop for Aso ebi for more than one wedding including my sister's with my mum that is because shes the professional when it comes to stuff like this so i learned from her to get such clothes just before the summer or at the beginning of summer very far away from the festive periods because believe it or not because in Nigeria we see traditional attires as for special occasions like our customary 'Christmas clothes ' so during festive periods their prices tend to increase by over 20% .

it seems as though time does not affect the cost of shoes but it soooo does and this is an item that its costs depends a lot on demand and supply like court shoes for example i remember when they just came out in Nigeria and of course it needs time to settle in and move in the markets and i remember really wanting a nude patent so i went to Balogun market at Lagos island and after alot of negotiations i was able to get one for 4,500 and the same shoe during the Easter holidays  out of curiosity when i spotted it in the market i asked how much it cost and it was 8k THE SAME SHOES!!! ( eziokwu)

that's all i have for today hope its been helpful check in next Friday have a blessed weekend

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