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Buying into the naira lookS just as good

by - April 08, 2016

So this is a fashion post attached with a bit of seriousness
lately with the way things have been going in Nigeria especially with the constant fluctuation in the value of currency it is heartbreaking now when it comes to getting stuff online (foreign stores that is)
and especially when it  seems like that's the best way to keep up with the latest trends ....... i mean even Ali express seems expensive nowadays and then everyone keeps yelling buy into the Naira and all that but how then can we , i mean in fashion tho its pretty simple it involves us getting down our high horses and being ready to buy from ours truly and i don't mean from them high end stores (unless money no be problem then go ahead) but for the up coming like myself let me drop a few tips i think would be really helpful in keeping up and staying in vogue in these trying times and surprisingly they all begin with R so I'll call it THE 3 RS IN BUYING INTO THE NAIRA IN FASHION 

Nowadays fashion itself is been recycled so you wouldn't be the first to go through mum and dads old stuff from the 80s and 90s to checkout what coincides with whats in vogue now ( wrote more on this in an upcoming post for  I'll keep you guys posted on when it comes out) .

tip 2
This is when that insanely cheap tailor along the road comes to play get old stuff that you can see becoming something new like my friend and i for example we both have these bodycon dresses we've worn enough times so we decided to cut them up into two piece outfits , we actually cut them up ourselves and gave them to a tailor to install a band and zipper to the bottoms and mine was a round neck and i decided to cut it up into a v neck now I'd suggest before trying this to look up more DIY videos on YouTube it would help in making the decision on what you could remake in your wardrobe .

tip 3
looking up blogs like this  (*winks)  would help in knowing what its in vogue and the cheapest places you could get them like myself i lovvvve to shop but my budget is always limited so i take time to research where and when to buy what i need so keeping tabs on pages like these would help a lot and trust i would lead to the cheapest places possible well in Lagos that is because Lagos i know and with time other places .

THANKS for reading hope this helps have a beautiful day.

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