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by - April 15, 2020

top shows on netflix now

It’s been pretty hard focusing on writing since the coronavirus outbreak, so fourteen days in and I’m finally behind my keyboard hoping this article is some sort of gateway to more writing.

As much as I love to share my current favourite shows on Netflix, which are usually really feel good. I wonder if Netflix would ever integrate an affiliate program because I do an awful lot of recommending not to receive a little bit of that quarantine monies, so if you’re reading this and you are in any way connected to Netflix do hook a sister up, plus I write really good stories too *wink.

Now down to business. I figured most people during these times have chosen Netflix as their single streaming platform but are now currently stuck in a loop of seeing the same shows or movies over and over which if we’re being honest gets boring after a while. For this post today I’m going to stick with some of my favourite non-scripted shows you may have seen.


next in fashion on netflix

So I actually started this show after visiting a friend, I saw most of the later episodes with him and was mind blown at how the designers in the show could create in a very short period. Also, the series begins with the designers working in pairs so we often got a good laugh here and there watching their creation process.  I also have to give a special shout out to the hosts of the show for making it ten times more interesting, If we ever meet I’m buying drinks for both of them.


tiger king meme

Heard the names Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin lately?

This is currently the most talked-about documentary in the world right now. However, if you didn’t see this when it aired there is a probability you may not come across this based on the kind of shows you watch.
Tiger King is a documentary about big cats and zookeepers, sounds pretty straightforward, right? Wrong!
 This is definitely one of those twisted documentaries that make you pull out Google search after because you have to know more.
It was originally seven episodes but Netflix put out a quarantine special episode a few days ago.


sugar rush on netflix

Can we all agree there’s something more satisfying than watching other people cook?
In sugar rush, baking pairs battle it for ten thousand dollars over three themed rounds of baking. Unlike most shows, it has a nice twist were the bakers the main enemy is the clock. The show has multiple seasons making it binge-worthy.


 glow up on netflix
This is a great show for anyone interested in makeup since this competition covers all types and kinds.  I was thoroughly mind blown with the level artistry displayed by the competitors.  However if the idea of watching making up artists transform faces bore you, then this may not be your show.


explained on netflix

If you’re one of those people who enjoyed reading encyclopaedias or facts books as a child search explained on Netflix now and prepare for a binge-fest.  Created by VOX, this docuseries provides information on the most out of the world conversations from female orgasms to pandemics. It’s done so tastefully that I don’t see you taking a bathroom break once you begin.


 nailed it on netflix
The only thing more interesting than watching people create amazing deserts as in sugar rush is watching amateurs try and totally suck at it.
It’s impossible not to laugh with every episode.  Hosted by Nichole Byer, the show has four seasons making it binge gold.

Whether you’re waiting out the pandemic alone, with family or cuddled up with your partner, these shows are sure to not only entertain you but switch up your suggestions so you get a load of the hidden reality gems on Netflix, happy binging.

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