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by - December 06, 2016

A lot of people today are heavily committed to shopping online and who can blame them, because just like them I too have an experience with online shopping addiction. Now I absolutely love going out and shopping physically, but nothing beats buying your favourite items on the comfort of your bed and maybe having ice cream while you do it while wearing close to nothing (sheer freedom!). Online shopping at some point became “therapy to me” and just like having a psychologist over you therapy, it costs lots of money. That is why I was in no position to judge a close friend , who blew her savings last black friday.
I know the logical thing to do when in face of an addiction is to stop right?  Well not in the case of online shopping, I mastered a few tricks that would help any online shopping addict to thrive, like it helped my friend Mary and of course myself. 

One of the first things I learnt from shopping online is; the people with the mobile apps of whichever store always get better deals. Most online store to encourage the use of their apps restrict certain promotions and sales to those only on the app. Aliexpress one of the largest online stores in the world, puts it out there “mobile deals” that is deals available on the mobile app. I have seen for myself where the cost of an item was more using a regular browser.

One thing most online stores have in common is the “filter key”; there you can set the price range and type of items you want to get. Be sure to make use of the filters, to prevent yourself from spending much more than intended and also to make your navigation much more convenient.

Do not be shy to ask for discounts directly from the store. Whenever you are logged in to an online store, look out at the corners of your screen for the “help” tab. Once you begin chatting with the customer care operative, be polite and ask about current sales and upcoming sales you might just be lucky.

A lot of online stores over free shipping, so make sure that you stick to these stores only. The amount of money spent on shipping can be used for a number of other things. So always remain on the stores that offer free shipping and have enough more money to order more items.

It is not compulsory that your shopping cart comprises of just items you plan shopping for that very moment, you can also put in item that you like but might not be able to afford that very minute.  Doing this you get instant alerts if there are any changes in the price of this item, and of course if there’s a general sale you don’t have to go searching for the item because it is already in your cart.

For just you’re favourite brands. Fashion brands especially can be really sneaky, were they don’t put up sales on the store but rather on their social media platforms. So be sure to stalk the brands that you shop for the most online, you would see the perks that come with being a stalker *winks*.

A lot of people are often ashamed to promote online brands, because it could be a bit obvious that you are seeking for a discount. Sometimes to get special offers from your favourite online stores, you would have to promote them online and recommend that others shop for their products. It would surprise you how many stores would reach out to you offering discounts and the best part is you can always delete the evidence afterwards.

Since a lot of people are now shopping online, it seems almost impossible to get anything from ongoing sales. That is why I advise that you set an alarm! Yes whenever there is an upcoming sale set an alarm to remind you of it, finally one alarm you would be happy to hear.

Online stores would always try to overwhelm you with their so called sales; never let them get to you. Often some claiming to be on sale often share similar item prices with stores that are not on sale. So before you fully commit to one store or brand, research and be sure it is worth it.

Shopping online is extremely convenient, fun and ADDICTIVE. Truth is if you can save money while indulging then why not?

Has this been any help? Share your online shopping hacks with us by making use of the comments section below.
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