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creating memories at sheraton lagos

by - May 24, 2019

Like most good best men, Somto dabbed his brother’s cheek occasionally. It was two months since he got engaged a few meters away from where they stood. 

Claire had just turned thirty-one and Sam planned a weekend getaway at Sheraton Hotel Ikeja to celebrate.

A week before her birthday, he showed his baby brother the ring, and filled with excitement the pair stayed up all night searching on for a spot that would be perfect for the proposal and birthday dinner.

 “I want something nostalgic,” he said. 

They decided to keep the proposal a secret when they invited friends because he read a blog post about friends ruining proposals. The evening before the dinner, the brothers had a conversation with the floor manager at Pool Terrace Bar to finalize their plan. 

The fact it reminded him of l’Hacienda where they met during a group tour, made it perfect. 

It was a Friday night, so they sat by the band. Claire arrived wearing a deep V-cut mustard dress that stood out against her dark chocolate skin, she also wore a pair gold tear-drop earrings that glistened even in the dark. 

With the help from the band, they sang a birthday song for her while Sam slipped away to the men’s room to rehearse,

“Will you marry me?

“Be my wife."

“Lets do life."

At the table, his brother signaled the band to play the tune of IK Dairo's forever. Aware of his cue; he took an exaggerated deep breath before stepping out. 

“Good luck bro,”

It was one of the men who used the toilet while he was there; he turned to thank him when he felt something slip from his pocket, 


The petite box housing the princess cut ring was no longer there. 

“Where did Sam go?” Claire asked,

“He mentioned something about going to the bathroom,”


 Although the possibility of his brother chickening out crossed his mind, Somto egged the band on to keep playing their song. 

Sam felt his phone vibrate multiple times, but there was no time to check who it was. He, the man from the toilet and a staff from the hotel searched for the ring. 

“You don’t have to,” he said whenever a passerby offered to help. 

At the table, his brother managed to convince Claire he was fine, 

“He was purging earlier,” he said.

“I’ve found it” 

A passerby who insisted on joining the search yelled, 

“Someone must’ve kicked it when it fell," he said while handing the box to Sam. 

“Thank you"  

He rubbed his palms against his now dusty jeans and without pausing walked to their table. He was still panting when he knelt,

“Will you marry me?”

Claire’s eyes went glassy, and hugging him, she mumbled words that between the music and loud cheering from their friends were hard to make out. 

'Memories at Sheraton,' was written as an entry for the writing contest. Check out their list of top hotels in Nigeria for your hotel booking needs. 

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