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by - March 19, 2019

image by portpress

This weekend, I decided to take out time from my pretend busy schedule to see most movies nominated for an Oscar this year.
I’m a more daytime series person, but reading people’s opinions and critiques in regards to the movies nominated made me curious, and so for I decided to sit through seeing most of them.
Now before I begin, you the reader must know that I haven’t seen all the movies yet, and so this article might be updated every now and then, in response to anything new. Also, I decided not too obvious choices, like anything marvel and the likes.

the boy who harnessed the wind
photo by Roger Ebert.

As his Debut as a director, Chiwetel Ejiofor, in this movie tells a compelling true- story based on the book by William Kwakwamba and Bryan Mealer.

This movie made it to my list not only because I have a thing for non-romantic tear jerkers, but also because you can tell how much effort was put into research during the making of the film.
I’m not from Malawi, but as an African, I was definitely proud of how their language and culture was represented in the movie. 

You won’t hear a juxtaposition of fake accents often coined as African by lazy movie directors who fail to carry out research.  Here majority of the characters speak the native language Chewa. 

I would like to think Chiwetel’s African heritage had everything to do with the cultural richness of this the movie, but then again I've seen most Nigerian cultures being misinterpreted by mostly Nigerian movies. 

So this movie came out a bit maybe too late to bag a nomination, but I added it anyway.

·         A PRIVATE WAR
photo: Roger Ebert

Before I get into what made this movie near perfect to me, I just have put out how Rosamund Pike did an excellent job playing Marie Colvin.

Now asides from telling the story of a war hero, the producers of this film, told a story that compels you to value truth.

Not only because well it’s the right thing to do, but also because of what a lot of men and women in journalism go through to provide the truth, despite being humans with fears just like us.

The makers of this movie did great in honouring the memory of Marie Colvin with this one.

·         A STAR IS BORN

lady gaga
Image: Buffalonews.com

I always almost tempted not to add this to my list, because it’s an obvious choice. It had;
A Great story,
Great music,
And great acting.
So when I saw this movie, let’s just say my blood pressure rose multiple times, as I watched.
The movie definitely would left me wanting to punch the writers in the nose, because of awfully sincere it was, and how wanting it left me. Sort of the way I felt after seeing the great Gatsby.

·         ONE SMALL STEP

image: animation world
Short films matter.
With that being said, the reason this film made my list, is because of the obviously power message behind it.
Another non-romantic tears jerker.
As a writer, I've always struggled with flash fiction, because of how much you have to relay with so little words at your disposal. So It’s amazed me how in less than eight minutes, the writer and animators of this movie could relay such a powerful message in so little time.
Please, if you chose not to see any movie on my list for God knows why, please see this.

john washington
image: flickr

The first thing I thought after seeing this movie is, ‘There’s no way this is based on a true life story,’ but it is.
Based on Ron Stallworth.’s memoir.  
The movie is based on his experience in the police force infiltrating the Klu Klux Klan, a black guy in the KKK.
Asides from the main story itself, non black-Americans like I get to see the racism that exists even within the police force among black, white and Jewish cops.
This is actually the first major role I’m seeing John David Washington play outside his role on HBO’s Ballers.

·         THE WIFE
the wife

I’m personally struggling with ways to explain why I loved this movie so much. I’m guessing it has to do with my love for Irony.

There’s nothing dark or twisted about this movie, neither are there any scenes to bawl over.  By all ramifications, it should be just another drama, but it’s more than that.

I enjoyed the occasional eureka moments watching the movie, and of course the fact that nothing is as it seems.

·         GRREENBOOK

So I've been dreading writing about this movie all weekend because contrary to popular opinion, I really enjoyed the movie.

According to most people, especially African Americans, the movie didn't deserve the biggest award of the night. Most critics, tagged as just another “white Savior Film.”

People feel similarly about it as they did with movies like the help, where in all these movies the white people are the Heroes in the film.

Honestly, I could see the movie being another feel good movie for white people, but at least some viewers learn about racism in the US recognized no class or fame, and for that, I really think the movie is worth seeing, just maybe not best picture material. 

·         VICE
image:the stranger
This is actually the latest Oscar movie I saw, and despite the fact it was pretty long, the detailing, and narration makes it interesting to watch.

I've never really had high expectations for political movies, but after seeing this movie, I guess do now. It was very informative, one of those movies that would make you go on Google to know more.  

Ps; I just have to mention again how great the makeup team in this movie were, Christian Bale is totally unrecognizable here.

That’s all for how, quite a number of movies were nominated this year, so I might not be able see most of them, even if I tried, but best believe that I've seen most big winners, and if some of them aren't here at after you've seen this, then I dint think you should bother yourself with them.

Here’s a list of the winning films I haven’t seen yet, but would get to it and update afterwards.






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