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by - December 19, 2018

Takwa bay
Sunset over Takwa Bay 

On a beautiful Sunday morning, right after church, myself, some of my best girls and a few new friends decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city to chill at Takwa bay.

From Ikeja, we arrived at  Nafex park (opposite Bonny camp) at about 12:20pm,we negotiated for a helmsman to take seven of us to and fro for NGN10,500 which I think was pretty reasonable. The trip took about fifteen minutes.

At the Bay...
The beach entrance 

 To enter the beach, we were required to pay  NGN200 each but since we were meeting friends who lodged at the JV beach house, they let us enter for free *wink*

Bags, canopies and changing rooms...

view from our canopy

takwa bay
my bag.

Our very first task was to find a Canopy with seats to settle down before getting into our beach activities, we ended up paying for an area towards the center of the beach for NGN3,000, they tactfully gave us five beach chairs and two plastic ones making it a case of the fastest booty.
note to reader: If you ever visit Takwa bay, it's important to note that Asides from the entry fee and few food items sold, there are no fixed prices for anything, don't shy away from haggling prices with the locals it would help you save a lot.

Hand woven bags, jewelry boxes, makeup organizers, were hawked along the beach. Takwa bay is truly one of the best places to get Traditionally artsy stuff at affordable prices, from paintings, carved sculptures, locally made carpets to even swords, yes I saw a guy hawking swords!

I pried my bag down from NGN5,000 to NGN3,500 which is cheaper than what you'll get from any store in the city.
When it was time for us to change, we were told using the changing room would cost NGN100 each (formally NGN50)  but since one of my friend's bought a scarf from a beach apparel kiosk the owner let us use her changing room for free.

Loco for coconuts
takwa bay
coconuts by the Bay

I got the little coconut juice for NGN200 but not long after this photo was taken, I handed it over to Jumoke and the waves at the ocean had the best of them, which to be honest I didn't mind  because it was an extremely hot afternoon which in turn made the juice really warm and unappealing.

yoga on the beach
takwa bay
Dayomi and I right before we hit a headstand

I have always wanted to try out some of my favorite yoga poses on the beach, and as I got into my flow beginning with downward facing dog to the supported headstand my friend Dayomi decided to give it a go.

life guards
my bag again with my glow oil. 
Jumoke posing as the lifeguard.

During our time at the beach, Jumoke and I noticed the lifeguard post on the beach was empty so we decided to take over the position for a while.

Game Time

Jumoke,Dayomi and Nenye playing Jump wave. 
photobombimg Nenye's picture. 

One of the best parts of being at the bay was coming up with games, from jump wave ( were waited for high waves and made attempts to jump over them) to our very funny whispering game.

Observatory side note: I noticed the beach at Takwas bay is were most expatriates in Lagos prefer to hangout, could this be because it is the least conservative beach in the city?

we left the bay a few minutes past 5:00pm, and arrived on land at 5:30pm, all in all it was an amazing day.


  • Food /drinks(from shoprite)- NGN1,300 each
  • Parking-NGN500
  • Boat ride- NGN 10,500( shared between seven people)
  • Canopy and chairs-NGN3,000(shared between seven people)

Very decent.

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