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by - July 14, 2018

my plate of calamari

I'm going to begin by telling you what sparked my interest in natural aphrodisiacs, and brought me to the point of creating this post.

A few years ago, I worked as a trainee at a pharmacy, and truth be told, the one of the fastest moving drugs were aphrodisiacs.

Now it took three years aftter a family dinner, to rekindle my interest in seeking natural aphrodisiacs.

For dinner, I decided to have salad but I wanted something more than just a regular salad so my sister recommended the calamari salad.

After the meal my goodness; I felt pulsating sexual urges, later that day, I decided to research what I ate and I found that calamari is a very strong aphrodisiac for both sexes. 

So I remembered my pharmacy days, and did a litte more researrch, and practice of course with some foods, and  wrote some other foods that are natural aphrodisiacs that I feel can play a big role in giving you the kind of exual experience you want and don't worry I've narrowed my list to foods that are accessible within Nigeria;  

tiger nuts

I’ve always heard rumours of how much of an aphrodisiac this is which is funny because they are literally like the cheapest thing to get in a market. Growing up in Lagos, I’ve always know this as OFIO but a friend that lives in northern Nigeria says it’s called AYA.

dates fruits

This fruit is literarily called DATES, so it is no suprise that it happens to be an aphrodisiac.

I tried eating it once ( not as an aphrodisiac though) and honestly I found it was way too sweet for me.
Dates are rich in Amino acids which have is known to improve well sexual stamina, and just like tiger nuts they are really easy to come by in these parts of Africa, also with the right ingredients (tiger nuts, coconut milk) they form a mean ass smoothie.

weet potato

Surprised? Well word on the street is sweet potatoes are one of the most effective natural aphrodisiacs for men, because of it’s potassium and vitamin C content. Maybe this be why I never liked sweet potatoes? 

water melon

The juiciest fruit on the planet is also an aphrodisiac! So technically based on research water melon phytonutrients boosts nitric oxide in the body, which relaxes blood vessels.

Guess which drug is specially known for doing this?



I might have to bore you with a little science, chocolate simply has two chemicals tryptophan(T) and phenyl ethylamine (P) of which T is the building block for serotonin ( the chemical in the brain responsible for sexual arousal) .

while P is a stimulant related to amphetamine (the chemical released in the brain when people fall in love).

chilli pepper

Popularly known as ATA RODO, in Nigeria, just like sex they make  you sweat, increase your heart rate and circulation.

 Basically they produce this chemical known as capsaicin which not only is an aphrodisiac, but also a pain reliever.

 It makes you wonder whether our Yoruba breathren have known about this all along. 

Know any more natural aphrodisiacs? Share on the comments section below.

Have a super day.

images: pinterest.com

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