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by - March 24, 2018

natural hair

A couple of you might know that I have had natural virgin hair for over a year now, If I remember correctly the last time I got a perm was in December 2015 and that was for my sister’s wedding.  In 2016, I began trimming my hair and letting my natural hair grow out.  My entire natural hair growth process was purely transitional because I wasn’t sure how I would look if I cut went ahead with the big chop. During the process of growing my natural hair, there were some realities that I couldn't wish away and I share a couple with you.


natural hair

My first 8 months of having actual natural hair were not exciting at all, firstly I still had strands of hair from my past perm and the combination of both made my hair a textural mess. Since my hair had been reduced to a 4b length because of continuous trimming I could not exactly style it into a bun, so after weeks of many failed styling attempts I stuck with Bantu knots and twists, which curls that stayed for about 3 days and perfectly hid my awful hair textures

natural hair

The most shocking reality of going natural to me was; spending more money on my hair. I remember the first time I went to a salon to make my hair as a #naturalista and my stylist insisted I pay #1500 to wash and style my hair, thank God for awesome natural hair diys all over the Internet. Also, I had to invest in getting good products for my hair which does not always come cheap. Along the line, I found of affordable products for natural hair but it still didn’t change the fact that taking care of my hair had become more tasking.

natural hair

growing natural hair, it will definitely take a while before you can tell the exact length of your hair be cause of shrinkage, except you get a silk press which in my opinion is pretty costly and it does not last long for kinky hair textures.

natural hair

Most women growing natural hair are expected to suffer a little breakage (although, some more than others). This brings us back to reality number two because in this case, you have to get certain products that might break the bank.

natural hair

Growing natural hair prevents you from wearing certain hairstyles and sometimes shortens the lifespan of your favourite hairstyles.  A perfect example is how the longest period I can wear Ghana braids is about two weeks and sometimes less

I have a friend who started her natural hair journey around the same time as me and at the end of last year, she decided to perm her hair.  Her reason was fed up with the fact that she could not keep a hairstyle for over a week.

I will conclude by saying this;

 Natural hair takes a lot to grow and maintain but trust me, in the end, it is all worth it.

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  1. This so relateable and funny! I shared my natural hair journey last month on my blog and I think shook my head and laughed at myself multiple times!