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by - February 07, 2018


21st century shopper; 
Meaning: A person who purchases an item or items, he or she feels is of complete value for his or her money.
example; igboafricana did not buy that belt because she is a 21st century shopper.

A few weeks ago I spent over an hour online searching for a scarf I saw on Aliexpress and I decided I wasn’t going to order it from there because I still have a couple of packages that haven’t been delivered. I got a little frustrated and I began to wonder, do fashion brands in Nigeria actually care for what we the consumers like ? So it was in the state of my frustration this post was written .

Being in the world of personal shopping has made me understand that fashion today is no longer like it was in the 80’s and 90’s , of course we occasionally rock apparels from the previous era but that doesn’t change the fact that these days most shoppers (like myself)  look beyond aesthetics when picking  fashion pieces. I will give a few examples to explain what I mean;
So for me whenever I go shopping and I pick an item,  I pause a little and ask myself “what else can this do for me?”  And this is a question quite a number of brands in Nigeria
always fail to answer. As a consumer who places quality over quantity and at the same time won’t mind saving a few while at it, I am always looking for a little extra; kind of like the day I walked into a store to get a blazer, I came across so many great pieces and just as I was about to pick this beautiful beige number I sighted a navy blue blazer that although it looks cooperate on the outside it has this cool African print inspired inside, technically giving two for one.
That being said let me share my thought process when buying a of couple fashion items;

woman wearing black head wrap
the kind of scarf i like.
So whenever I shop for scarves, I always play these scenarios in my head and hope I find one that asides from making me look good  can take care of any of the them if the need arises. Like; 
  1.  A bad hair day
  2.  Wardrobe malfunctions    
  3. changing my  look after a long night out ( To avoid the “walk of shame” tag)

rihanna in pyjamas
if rihanna can do it.......
If there is anything Rihanna taught me, it is that silk night gowns or pyjamas make good no great! outfits when styled appropriately. So my perfect pair of night gowns or pyjamas are those that can easily double as outfits whenever I feel like being adventurous.

arthurgeorge socks. rob kardashian
Where can i get these in Nigeria?
I have always had a thing for socks and I mean cotton socks, but my ideal pair should have some sort of extra-ness, kind of like Rob Kardashians’ Arthur George
So just as I mentioned earlier as a 21st century shopper before I pay for anything, I’m always about the “you might be pretty but what else”.
I think sellers or brands should be capitalising more on this and making it priority in their market strategy because this will definately help boost their Sales, after all who does not like the idea of getting two for one?

Hey awesome reader! yes you!

Help make this more interesting and informative by sharing what you look for when shopping certain fashion items and help our friends in fashion, market their brands better.

Drop your comments below.

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  1. When shopping i look for what i kike aand fits my own semse of fashion and is still affordable to me .. there are some fashion pieces i see that i love love love but cannot buy cause I might not just wear it cause it doesn't fit my style example for me are ripped trousers

    1. You can start off by trying those jeans that have zippers at the knees instead of being ripped, so whenever you want, you can have an idea of how ripped jeans look on you. Might be your thing after all .
      So we need more versatile jeans sellers in naija 😫

  2. Finding my trouser size issa struggle ���� if the waist is okay, the length won’t be right. Like I legit don’t have a pair of jeans or trousers that I haven’t adjusted after buying. I think brands should really put really small sized girls into deep consideration.

    1. I totally can totally relate, especially with length 😭