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by - September 22, 2017

agodi garden ibadan

Last weekend I and a couple of friends decided to go on a trip to Ibadan for the weekend it was my friend’s birthday that week and she was stuck in Ibadan.  Since it was an impromptu trip I made no provision for it in my monthly budget and me usually being the “road trip planner” it was left for me to plan out a killer but cheap weekend, thank God for blogs like, and I got the tea that a fun low budget trip at Ibadan was possible.
We set out to Ibadan by noon on Friday and arrived by around 2:30pm, we took public transport and in a bid to save more since the trip was a short one we took 500 naira bus instead of the 1000 naira sienna cars. This was my second time in Ibadan so I was a bit familiar with the transport system.

trans amuesment psrk ibadan

The weekend began almost immediately; the birthday girl was our host and insisted we visit Trans amusement park that evening. I was a bit skeptical at first because of the Ibadan stereotype of being ratchet and it my first time hearing about it, I wasn’t ready to go anywhere that my favorite travel blogs hadn’t t reviewed. Surprisingly it turned out to be cool; I enjoyed the bubbly environment, live music, barbeque and the fact that it had that Fela shrine vibe once it got dark. Entry was free so we spent about 4000 on food and drinks (dived that by 5 people *wink).

agodi garden

This is one of the most talked about spots in Ibadan online, so I decided we spent the day there and I was not disappointed. Entry cost 500 naira per person and honestly Agodi is such a beautiful place from the well mowed grasses to the good looking walk ways and diverse tree I was awed that such a place exists in Ibadan.
agodi garden

The best part of the boat ride is the price is negotiable! Although it’s no Bics boats club lekki or Takwa bay boat ride, but it was ok. Oh yeah we paid 500 naira for our ride.

·         THE ZOO
agodi zoo

Yeah they have a zoo with a couple of animals, the zoo was a bit disappointing because the animals were either sleeping or just eating (bored me a little).
·         THE POOL

agodi waterpark

This was my best part of the garden; I mean they have a waterslide that works!!! Entry to the pool area actually cost another 500naira fee, but we got in for free after we made friends with a couple of guys that work at the park.

more pictures from the park:
ibadanagodi  garden

I spent my last night at the Nigerian breweries guest house, thanks to friends that know a dude that finished from my university as well and now works there.  So yeah Thanks Ibadan for accommodating I and my broke ass and giving me a fun weekend that cost me pretty much just 3500 (transport fare included).
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