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by - December 24, 2016

Its day 6 guys😢 , and I know this is coming really late but I had a photo shoot styling to handle, anyways this is a short appreciation post, for a hardworking beautician; Ms Biliki.
Normally I fix my nails myself, but Wednesday I was really tired and my nails happened to be a complete mess. Usually, the next step for me would have been to visit a nail salon, which luckily was just around the corner but just as I was about to head out when my cheapskate senses began tingling, 
making me remember the lady that fixed nails just at the entrance of Ajao estate and apparently lots of young ladies in the area patronized, I decided to try it out since it was surely going to cost me less.
My first surprise was, the number of people, who had queued up to get one beauty need met (apparently she did lash and brows as well). 
I ask to get the most expensive kind of nail treatment, and apparently that was going to cost me just a thousand naira. 
While I waited to get my nails done, I asked her if I could take a few pictures, promising her I would tell people about her spot.
So here are the few pictures I took there;
  My nails before the Biliki touch, don't judge me 🙈

              Early stages of getting my nails done.

 Ms Biliki in action.

View from her kiosk.

Finished work, for just a thousand naira!!

What do you think about the final work on my nails? Also, kindly share your roadside beauticians name and location, maybe i will stop by one of these days.

I will try to be out there more often to find more outdoor talent and maybe make “beauty finder a thing” what do you think?


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