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by - November 28, 2016

                              Rocking my fav "Originals 90's Levis denim jacket in blue"💖

So I came across a tweet that a few weeks ago that said; "Lagosians only wear leather jackets so they can be dripping swagu".  I absolutely could not stop laughing (those that know me can tell how serious my laughter can get). Wearing jackets in Lagos is not an abomination, as a matter of fact i am addicted. The thing is in a city like Lagos that never sleeps (or minds its business) everyone is looking for who and what to make jokes about. Making it essential that we slay our jackets in caution, because it is one hot city. That is why this post of course is not for only those that live in Lagos, but also anyone who lives in a city that is "hot as hell". 

If you live in Lagos or happen to be visiting and you have a stack of leather jacket (some of you need to come close to hear this) , except you ride a power bike (not tricycle or bicycle oh!)  you would regret wearing them . That is why is i encourage stocking up on faux leather instead of the real deal. the thing is fake leather "Breathes".and still looks as stylish as the real deal, you can decide to own a couple of genuine leather but i advise sticking to the fake. 


As hot as Lagos can get, denim jackets should definitely be your best friends. honestly I have never in my days come across anyone who looked awful in denim jackets;whether you are going for a date with bae or just chilling with friends, denims are occasion appropriate. If the weather happens to be really hot that day, at least your denim jacket is still able to absorb most of your sweat.😜😜


whenever you wear jackets, make sure the piece you have on the inside can be worn solo. there are many instances that might cause you taking off your jacket and we wouldn't want you losing your "highfashionlook". for example; I was out with a couple of friends once and I had on a bodycon dress with my favourite"Originals" denim jacket. when we got to where we had lunch ( outdoor) it felt like I was going to have a heat stroke, and of course I had to take off my jacket ( but I forgot to use my strap extenders) still took of the jacket though but felt really uncomfortable for a while.

If you live in a really cold country like Canada, then by all means be my guest. but for you humid dwellers, as tempting as it may be do not wear sweaters during the day. It is easy to get carried away because of the "life" our fashion friends at frigid countries give on pinterest and tumblr. If you really want to wear a sweater jacket, stick to the really light ones and stay away from anything knit.  
I see you laughing, but  it is really important to invest in anti-perpirants before taking up jacket wearing in anywhere but especially Lagos. I  have been in a meeting at work, when a colleague took off her jacket in between and that was literally the end of the meeting for me. at that point all that was on my mind was how to get out of that place. carrying anti-perspirant sprays with you on the days you decide to wear jackets, is not just for your good but also for the good of the people around you. so whenever you want to take your jacket off , head to the rest room and give your armpit a few puffs #dontbewicked.

I personally love  jackets, especially on those days when i just do not want to see my arms. wherever you may be as long as it it humid there, just take these hints and remain slaying.

Has this been any help? share your opinions at the comments section below.

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