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by - March 10, 2018

iphone selfie
Picture taken with my iphone selfie camera.
I am pretty sure you are familiar with the popular hashtag #shotoniphone on Instagram right? Few times you get to see your favourite Instagram influencer’s selfie being featured on the official apple page and you wonder your selfies never look as good  regardless of your phone model?
Well I am here to tell you first hand that it has nothing to do with your location but everything with how you take your photos. You do not have to be anywhere scenic to take awesome pictures on your iphone. We all know the iphone cameras is great but It takes more than a great camera to get an awesome shot most times, that is why I have decided to share you with a couple of tips on how to take crisp, clear and professional looking selfies on your iphone.

iphone selfie
long press the box to lock in your desired focus

Ever wondered how your favourite instagrammers constantly pull off extra crisp photos just using their iphone? Well that is what your camera focus is for; you know that tiny square that keeps appearing on your screen when you want take a photo. Getting the right focus is very important to get really clear photos on your iphone; you can do this by tapping your screen until you have gotten you desired focus then hold down to lock the focus ( as in the photo).

iphone selfie
facing the sun directly gets you well lit, crisp images on your iphone.

This is very key in taking great photos on your iphone, because unless you have a ring light (affiliate link)*, diva light or any other light source, your indoor photos are pretty much going to be sub par. The best iphone photos always taken outdoors during the day and they are also taken in perfect angle from the sun.
Pro tip: Never to take a photo or selfie backing the sun.

selfie stick
selfie stick for wide range shots !!!!!

There are certain times that you would need to get extra help to ensure that you get  really good shots on your iphone and this were accessories like your selfie stick for wide range selfie shots,  flexible tripods for outdoor shots, external camera lens and a diva light for better lit photos as I mentioned earlier.

iphone apps
I use inshot and canva for my blog images/graphics 

Thank God for the millions of photo editing apps available on the Apple store so after taken that killer shot you can go a step further and edit these shots using apps like Inshot and Facetune, but try not use these apps to take pictures stick to your iphone camera app as I found that most apps have the tendency to reduce the picture quality when taken they are used to take pictures as compared to the preinstalled camera app.

 Whether you are blogger or a just another person who loves to #slaythegram, put all these tips to use and watch your iphone photos become Awesome.
I also know a couple of awesome photo editing apps that I have tried and can say they were pretty awesome like; Facetune and Inshot.

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