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by - February 02, 2018

If there is one thing I learnt from dating, it is that most guys get distant during the period of valentine because of the pressure to go all out and out do themselves every year when it comes to dates and gifts, some even go as far as ending their relationship because they can’t handle the pressure and come back begging.
But guys we the ladies really want valentines and we want it with you!!!!!  So the solution?  Cheap and spontaneous dates.
Anyone who knows me will tell you I have an obsession with reality TV and one of my favourite happens to be EX ON THE BEACH on MTV. Where technically they put a bunch of singles in search of love together in a beautiful beach house set them up on dates and brings in their exes to pretty much ruin everything for them.  Asides from all the drama I actually enjoy watching the “tablet of terror” arrange these out of the box dates for the singles in the house which I realised are pretty minimalist friendly and I will be sharing some my favourite with you to help you take things up the notch the valentines without breaking the bank.

ex on the beach dates igboafricana.com.ng
Stevie and Hawley on body paint date
This was one the most my favourite dates watching the show, because all it costs is a pack of body paint which costs about #3000 naira for six colours. So turn on some good music to set the mood, drinks flowing coupled with positive attitudes, sounds romantic right? Plus you get to take funny, cute and memorable pictures.
To get an eight colors pack of body paint for #4000 naira click HERE

coffee tasting-date ideas
can't remeber who went on that date so here's a picture of cups of coffee from thetourspecialists.com
When I saw this at first I was like; “wine tasting I know but coffee tasting really? But then watching and seeing how the date was more or less about talking and actually connecting more, seems like a hit to me. The best part about this is you can go to any café or restaurant that serves breakfast meals anytime or simply get a couple satchels of different coffee, desserts and set it up at home.


ex on the beach date ideas igboafricana.com.ng
Ross and Becca on yoga date.
This of course is my favourite because well YOGA! A lot of people are still unaware of how intimate couple’s yoga can get, you don’t even have to be a yoga guru to be able to have a yoga date absolutely anyone can do it.  If you can’t afford to go a yoga studio, you can always head to Pinterest and search for simple couple yoga poses for beginners.


chloe and marty ex on the beach
chloe and marty taking a trip down memory lane on the tablet of terror.
Remember Marty and Chloe from GEORDIE SHORE (also a reality show on MTV)? They both landed in Ex on the beach and their memory lane date was one of the most romantic I ever saw, although they weren’t together. So basically the date has different aspects that involved moving to a new spot after a meal or after an activity and at every new spot a pictures of the most memorable times of their relationship was there. Cute right?

I found this pretty funny but here it is on my list; it really just using musical instruments to create sound together and also singing at some point. Honestly if I think this should reserved for those of us *winks* that have the pipes for it.

That’s my top list dating ideas as inspired by ex on the beach, the best part of this list  like I said earlier is all the date ideas are minimalist friendly and can easily be set up at home for cheap.

Have more date ideas? Share them with us using the comments section below.



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  1. This doesn't seem tailored to a Nigerian audience. The body painting maybe I can see, but the rest? Iono.

  2. Lol, I think Nigerians are beginning to be more receptive when it comes to trying new things.