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by - November 08, 2017

The second best month of the year is here and of course it has everything to do with black Friday. It is no news that a lot of you miss out on jaw dropping deals on items you paused getting all year for some reason like preferring to get them on black Friday. In Nigeria most walk- in stores don’t do black Friday like stores abroad we have to depend on our online stores like Jumia, Konga  and Payporte for the best deals , which is why I am sharing  with you 6 tips that have helped me over the years to bag the best of the best  deals online every black Friday. These are my ultimate tips to getting the best deals online this black Friday.
1.       MAKE A LIST
Getting good deals are pretty easy but you have to know what and where they are first, most online stores usually put out sale prices weeks before black Friday so I always make a list of the things I want and cross check them with thw deals available online.

2.       BUDGET
Yes you need a budget for your black Friday shopping as well! You might be curious and maybe asking why? Well this prevents you from passing up items you want because you went in financially unprepared. Like I said most websites like Jumia and Konga put up their deals for black Friday weeks before the actual day so check out the cost of every item you want early enough and make a clear cut budget.

3.       SAVE UP
Once you get your list and budget begin to save up to that account. This is important because despite your clear cut budget you might find some sweet deal on an item that isn’t on your list but you want anyway.  Remember what I said on passing up on deals because you were financially unprepared?
No delays check out Konga black Friday yakata deals HERE

Whether you plan to shop from home on your pc or your cell, make sure you have the best Internet network. websites usually have an over load of users on black Friday all fighting to get the same deals so try not to be the one with the shitty network, that is the best way to have the worst black Friday . Personally I will not be using the grandmasters of data on that day *winks.

Since you have the opportunity to check out the black Friday web pages ahead of time, you might as well bookmark all the pages so you won’t waste time looking for products when it is time to shop

6.       BE QUICK
Black Friday has always been and still is a game of speed; make sure you’re on your A game to be sure to be ahead at all times.
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