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by - October 06, 2017

love online

Although dating online is not so common in this part of the world, I am pretty sure that some of you occasionally dabble in the world of online dating. But sometimes it feels like no matter how much you explore the cyber world of dating, you still have not gotten the best out of it which is finding love. So I have a few reasons why;
Be mysterious! Remember your online profile is not a memoir, so try not to give out too much information always keep it short, simple and sweet. Reserve some details for when you see in person.
Knowing exactly what you want is a great way to start. Be sure of exactly what you are looking for in a person and be specific especially in areas that involve career, children, and political views.
Avoid sounding complex; it is one thing to find the perfect match online and another to make it to a live date. Having complex conversations with someone you just meet online can get boring so stick to light topics like your best TV show, food, and what you do for fun. Stay away from discussing things like how close you are to relocating man to the moon or about how you are going through a breakup from a 10 year relationship (save all of that for the second date),
The best part of dating online is you are allowed to be picky. Do not put yourself under pressure to go on an actual date with anyone, you have time use it and chose someone you feel you connect with.
Do not sell a fake persona, be honest about who you are from your pictures to your character.  Avoid giving men false hopes from the comfort of your keyboard, for example you happen to be a B cup but your profile picture portrays you as an E cup. Selling false hopes always comes back and it is just a lot of drama.

Finding love online is as possible as finding it in person, you just have to stay true to yourself. Do not be in a hurry, in good time you will find the perfect match just for you.

You can begin by visiting HERE for more insight on which dating platforms to join.
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