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by - September 13, 2017

deals in lagos

It has been established that buying certain items like hair extensions, clothes, shoes and fabrics from markets within Lagos is an easier way to save money. A lot of you have been convinced that it is only at Eko market (Lagos island) you can get the best deals.  Through my experience working part time as a personal shopper, I was able to map out certain areas in Lagos where you can get the best deals on specific items.  So if you are a resident of Lagos or just visiting, here are some items and were you can get the best deals on each.
Lets begin!

lagos markets

If you happen to be looking for where to shop for hair extensions or wigs, YABA market is your best bet.  YABA market is located within the centre of Lagos; in between the island and the mainland. Shopping at the market can be distracting because of the rowdy nature of the market, so when you go there in search for weaves ask for directions to the “train track” you will find a lot of hair dealers from whom you can get variety.

This is actually dependent on the kind of clothes you are looking for. If it is casual dresses you need, like the ones in my weekend get up everyone can afford post.  I suggest going tlo Aswani market, located close to isolo at Lagos mainland you can find dresses for as low as 500 Naira. For formal dresses, jumpsuits   and play suits you can shop at either Yaba market (inside the new Tejuoso complex) or Eko market.

Jeans are one of my favourite things to buy, so of course I have to have the numerous plugs for the best deals. You can get great deals on jeans at either Yaba Market or Oshodi market as well.  At oshodi market you can get to find thrift jeans for 600 (fixed price), while at yaba market you can budget as low as 1200 naira for a new pair.

I almost forgot about fabric, from my experience I have seen that where to get the best deals depends on the type of fabric you are trying to get. For example Eko market is a better option for high end fabrics like sugar lace, dry lace, aso oke, and head ties, while fabrics like Ankara, Lycra, crepe, mesh, knit and denim you can get the best deals on these at Oshodi market.

For the best deals on shoes, I have arranged the various markets according to where the best deals are from the cheapest to the not so cheap but reasonable.

  1. Eko market (Lagos Island)
  2. Arena (Officers shopping complex Bolade)
  3. Yaba market 
  4. Ikeja market (Before computer village)
That is it on my buyers guide on shopping within Lagos for female fashion items. Be sure to share your thoughts about this post by making use of the comments section below  and if there are any places I failed to mention do not hesitate to share.
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