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by - July 22, 2017

I have decided to be a snitch! So I was having a conversation with a couple of friends about why it is so difficult to find single datable men in Lagos,  then a friend ( male) chips in and says “well you girls are always searching in the wrong places”.
 Apparently men in Lagos have somehow been able to agree on certain locations to make moves on single women and just like a lot of other things they forgot to share the memo.

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Surprised?  I am sure most of you that take the occasional morning or evening jog on the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge must have come across the men who while jogging are either; shirtless and constantly smiling at every woman on the bridge or the guy who happens to have enough water for everyone. Be sure to indulge them if you are a single woman.
Ps: look out for wedding bands, say no to entertaining married men in 2017.

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So these days men love the "working class woman" so the office is just another pond filled with their kind of women and because some  of you are too “to the books” at work it, becomes hard to notice the love of your life dropping hints.
Ps: Please ladies keep your flirt radar on full blast at office especially if you have a single good looking boss *wink   

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Remember the line from Chris Brown’s song “who says you can’t find love in the club, cos I wanna tell them they wrong”. Apparently men in Lagos ran with it. I honestly do not like the idea  of dating people you meet at a club, but it seems to have worked for some people; so yeah night clubs.

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A lot of men in Lagos go to weddings not only for free food, but also the buffet of single women.  Ladies if a guy makes moves at a wedding remember to do the married vibes search.  I can never over emphasize the influx of married men posing to be single in lagos.

                                                                    image:- styletv.com
I had to highlight Shoprite because they always have these long queues that giving men the opportunity to make conversations that always end your phone number request.

If you find yourselves at these places or occasions, prepare to be hounded by men looking for the bone of their bone or the ones looking for hook ups. There will always be that eighty percent chance of men trying to put an end to your single status, this way we can remain several steps ahead.

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