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by - December 12, 2016

Sunday, the 11th of December was no ordinary day for me. Asides from going to church, I hosted my first red carpet ever, promoting me from "up coming, upcoming Fashion and lifestyle blogger, to just an upcoming blogger, thanks to Afrikoinart, the organisers of the stage production "HEM" a tale about love, life, grace and miracles.
Through out my preparation process there was one question that kept creeping into my mind; what is the most appropriate thing to wear to see a stage play?
I battled with that question for close to an hour, after which I simply conclude "why not African and casual ?" So yeah I went all out, gave a tailor to convert an old African styled maxi dress to a comfortable casual top.
Anyways aside from the clothes, HEM was amazing!. That was actually my first time seeing a stage production live, and lets just say that definitely would not be my last.
So here are a couple of moments on the red carpet the "Africanacam" was able to capture.

                                             The I see you boo face!!!

                                                                              some images appear courtesy of schucksmedia.com 

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  1. wow, i am so happy for you more blessings coming your way.

  2. Great job you are doing here...