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by - December 23, 2016

Whether in Lagos or any other city in Nigeria, one thing common during the holidays are shows. Most Nigerian artists prefer to schedule their shows towards the end of the year. It is not enough to have the perfect outfit to be on your fashion A game; there are a couple of items that are essential for every Nigerian woman, who plans on attending any show this season. These items are also important for you ladies who are clubbing regulars, to keep you slaying both in looks and composure all night.

Yes ladies, this is really important to keep up that appearance. No matter how tight your FIT FAM game is a few drinks and a large shawarma (beef and veggies wrap) can mess that up in a min! Like I said earlier you want to keep that body looking sexy all day through to the night. Besides the exaggerated sexiness would be great help handling all your bills that evening.

This might be odd to a few of you, but under no circumstances should you try to pull off a “one man gang” during the holidays. You will need your home girls to give it to you straight, whether you look creepy or really good.  Why 4 you asked? I discovered that in every group of female friends, there are at least two style responsible ones and well four is a really lucky number don’t you think? Besides how many girls would it take to escort a drunken girl quietly out of a party or club?

Yes, Uber works on this side of the world. It's not all the time you would get lucky and land free rides to and from a concert or the club. It also fair that the designated driver gets a break and everyone in the group can let their hair down. Also desperation has never been a good look on anyone and it is easy to get stranded after a late night concert. so be sure you have your uber app before heading to the club or be sure at least one person in the group does.

This is essential because creeps these days have gotten really desperate, failing to understand “whatever happens at the club stays in the club” and insist on getting your number and just like that, you have a stalker. To make sure you never have to stay in contact with men you meet at clubs, take a spare phone you never use and remember to give that number if anyone asks (except the ones that seem like a potential bae).

If you have plans to be out and about this Christmas, it is important you have all these check before heading out. To keep your slayage and comfort balanced.

Notice anything missing from the list? Share with us the items you never forget on your nights out during the holidays?


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