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by - April 16, 2019

what happened on 3rd by chika onubogu

Mbene moved silently through the room hoping not to wake her mother. Before bed, she slipped a dose of Nyquil into her tea hoping it kept her asleep. Taje had suggested they used something stronger but she refuse to administer anything that might be harmful. She wasn’t the target.
Despite the darkness that swept across the room, light wasn’t necessary to find what they needed. Both of them had been in the room countless times, Mbene was chosen through a game of eenie menie.
Crouching, she made her way under the bed where the shoe box that contained their late father’s Smith and Wesson was hidden. The steel pistol felt just as cold as the body that dropped at her feet an hour from then.  
Before she left, Mbene leaned over her mother’s chest to check for any irregularities in her breathing. As important as this operation was her mother’s wellbeing was still a priority, although she doubted her sister shared the same enthusiasm.
Now armed, she slipped out of the house. Taje was already at the gate, she placed a towel in between the gate and the floor creating enough space for her and her sister to slip away without making any sounds.
Their street was fairly lit, lights from the bars on the next street seeped into theirs, making it possible to see without additional light source.  At the end of the road, Taje took the gun from her sister and buried it in the pocket of her black hoodie, the agreed dress code.
She checked to see if the gun was loaded before they continued on to the next street, no one had touched the gun since their father passed. He always made sure it had at least two rounds in it. This night it had just one, which was why she couldn’t miss. Just in case, they brought a knife. The thought of stabbing someone nauseated Mbene so she hoped for a clean head shot.
Third Street was silent when they arrived, the winds were stiff and only sounds of faint barking from stray dogs a few blocks away were heard. 
She thought of heading back home where it was warm and safe but she feared her sister’s reaction, the accident changed her.  Every bit of love in her died the evening of the case which divided their family ended. Their mother was on the fence the entire time, giving her loyalty to no one, she thought it best.

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