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by - January 07, 2018


Happy New Year …….
My first post in 2018; I decided to start the year off with something new and really impotant to me.
So a lot you might not know this, but I am very much into health and fitness, Last  year I decided to do better In this area of my life but along the line I  kind of struggled with a number of workout routines and eating patterns , for those of you that follow my Instagram page you would’ve seen that I am now fully vested in yoga. YES yoga turned out to be perfect for me but I’ll save the details for another post, anyways here I am still trying to figure this diet and eating right thing. I am currently eating my first meal of the day, for shame right?  Took a while for me to accept that my diet pattern was a bad habit I had developed over time .  This year I decided enough is enough! time to eat better and to do so I outlined four practical goals that will  help improve my diet;

Funny how I love veggies but I do not  eat them as much as I would love to, for some reason ( not sure if it’s just my house  or a Nigerian thing in general ) salads are often reserved for special occasions and I am gradually working to make it a norm in my diet.
This was actually one of my diet goals in 2017, which I managed to do for a while but then got side tracked along the line.  This year, I plan to have at least one fruit every single day and I attend doing this by purchasing a week’s supply of fruits at the end of every week and take at least a fruit in between meals instead   of snacks.
This is going to be tough considering the fact that some of my best meals in the world are either high in carbs or really greasy, like I have already told myself that my dodo ( fried plantain) is surely not going to be cut off my diet maybe in 2020 who knows?  But for now asides from plantains I’ll try boiling most foods instead of frying.
Now this is my main problem, eating at the appropriate time, I know there are some of you struggling with this as well.  Trust me it is so easy to get carried away by daily activates that I you forget to eat, sometimes in my case it takes a headache or a rumble in my stomach to remind me that I haven’t eaten yet. Moving forward I created series of reminders on my phone to help me keep track of when my next meal is supposed to be.

There  you are, my diet goals for this year , I’m pretty sure there are a lot of you who have set diets goals for yourselves in line with your new year resolutions, not to worry 2018 is our year of healthcellence.

 I will love to hear about your diet goals and what you have in place to make sure you stick to these goals; share them by making use of the comments section below or sending me an Instagram dm @igboafricana_

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