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BLACK NOVEMBER: The tech guy's guide to getting the best of black friday

by - November 21, 2017

black friday

In less than 72 hour we will experience another Black Friday , isn't that exciting ? Anyways I decided to consult a Black Friday and cyber Monday Guru who had a lot to say about Black Friday, including his top online store picks. so here is an article by the CEO of Schucksmedia Somto Onubogu.

This is NOVEMBER!, the month of dreams. The month of promise. The month of whooping sales, crazy discounts, realised dreams and missed opportunities.
Ideally, when all this craziness started out (particularly in Nigeria), we would have just one crazy day of amazing, jaw dropping deals and promos but as luck would have it, things seem to have gotten much sweeter . Over here, it's become this whole phenomenon which I would call "Black November"(patent pending). Every November since I we started being aware of Black Friday, it's been a sort of war between Nigeria's online malls like Jumia, konga, DealDey, Payporte, and so on. Each one trying to outdo the other with better deals, flash sales, coupons, games and so on. These brands get so much traffic that in times past some of them have had their sites crash, but with time, they seemed to have gotten the hang of it.


Being on the consumer side of thing whole event is a bit tricky. I've had happy tales and also noted some fowl play. An example of such suspicious behaviour was one where I was eyeing one particular item for about a month but decided I would hold out till Black Friday but surprise surprise ,one week before Black Friday the price of the item had miraculously doubled. Then on Black Friday, that item was being sold at a 50% discount. I was really sad to think this was another classic example of us spoiling another persons idea because of our selfish interests. Anyways, that same year I was able to buy some laptops at a super sweet deal, so one just has to keep an eye out.

Without further ado, here's a list of some of my top picks for Black Friday shopping (or window shopping 😉)

Jumia black friday

Jumia Nigeria is arguably the top contender when it comes to Black Friday and this year they don't seem to be pulling any punches. More deals, more sales, spin the wheel, a car, lottery, and other echeteram echetaram. It's like they just want you to finish all your would be Christmas money on their site. I honestly have a love-hate relationship with them, but they haven't disappointed me as often as i expected. This year, the whole Black Friday event started on the 13th of November and stretches to the 13th of December. my heart really goes out to their  IT department, It is must be a really long month for them. I'm sure they won't want a site crash this year, So with some degree of sceptic confidence, they are my top pick for my Black Friday shopping.  and it has nothing to do with my wanting to win the car 😁

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://konga.postaffiliatepro.com/scripts/banner.php?k_id=Africana_&amp;k_bid=e2ef917c"></script>

Konga on the other hand, got a head start (nifty trick) with the Black Friday Yakata sales event from the 6th-10th of November. So that's 5 days of sales on Konga.com.. I was really hoping Konga will out-do Jumia in advertising, value of sales, Seeing as Jumia  have taken the bold step to stretch it out for a month.

Amazon black friday

It's really a no brainer. Amazon is easily a top pick for getting the best deals this period. There is a wide range of brands and products from electronics, to laptops, to fashion items and so on. The tricky bit for those of us in Nigeria is we get to pay crazy amounts of money in shipping and handling that it almost seems unreasonable to try and ship directly. Luckily for us we have ways of sub venting this through sites like Mall for Africa, Amazon to Africa and so on. They buy and ship from UK and US in bulk, cutting the shipping cost so one doesn't offload half their life savings on just shipping alone. The good thing is also the fact that you could also buy items that would normally not ship to Nigeria. So Yeah, I'd highly recommend this. You could also buy stuff on EBay, but EBay is somewhat trickier because individuals also sell items here  like jiji.ng or olx.com.ng So I stay away from doing EBay.

Aliexpress black friday

I feel a bit betrayed by Aliexpress, like they ought to give me something for all the times I bought tech equipments and also recommended them to friends and colleagues. I was introduced to them back when I was in school and I've been a loyal shopper ever since. They were actually my saviour back then, being a tech and media guy in Nigeria, buying foreign brands seemed like an impossibility. Aliexpress made it easy as the items deliver to your post office or even straight to your doorstep, depending on the shipping method you choose. The great thing is that most of the items are amazingly affordable  as there are manufactured and shipped from the same place cutting a lot of cost. After their amazing Nov 11 sales, they also have the Black Friday to Cyber Monday sales.  A lot of the stores will ship your items to you free whilst some even add a little gift along with it. I bought most of my photography equipment from them and I've had only one bad experience. So in all I'd give them 9.

That's my 2 cents about this November sales. If you have any recommendations or any super sweet deals that can help someone out in this harsh economy, do well to drop us a comment. Don't forget to share, some people might be sitting on a bicycle without even knowing it.

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 Written by Somto Onubogu ( ceo schucksmedia)
                                                                                                                                                      -Edited by igboafricana

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