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by - March 21, 2017

There are certain fashion items that although in vogue, cost nothing. Why you ask?  There are a number of fashion items that are either; once owned by your mum or grandma or easy to make. Fashion trends, as we all know are all birthed from items that once reigned in the past. Going through my mother’s old pictures, I found out of that most of the clothing she wore then is fashion pluses now.  I was also able to get a couple of fashion cheats from a couple of friends, who make certain items from either piece of clothing or scrap. Here are a few of these items.  

image:- pinterest.com
Kimonos are one of those fashion pieces that you can never get enough, because they can be worn either for a night out or even a day on the beach. No one would be want to caught wearing the same kimono over and over again; and getting new ones every on and then could be a bit costly, that is why after I friend of mine sew a kimono out of an old bed sheet I had to share. Also have a friend who transforms her scarf into a kimono without any sewing (would share on my YouTube channel coming soon).

 I have unending love for these pants; not only because I got them free from my mum’s old stuff, but because of the classy but playful look they give me just like back in the days and I’m sure mum has it tucked somewhere.

image:- pinterest.com
These are the easiest fashion accessory to make; all you need are old key rings. You know those extra tiny chains attached to one another right? I extended the little space present once and then attached it my ear.
Note: the cuffs are to act as faux piercings, so do not try to force them through a real ear hole thanks…..xo

image:- pinterest.com
This is somewhat in vogue right now (especially being incorporated into dresses), so it has driven me to write about them (disregarding the weather here). Turtle neck pieces seems like it’s here to stay because despite the hot weather in Africa it’s still being worn occasionally and can be gotten from either a thrift store or mums old closet.

image:- pinterest.com
This is also simple to make but needs a bit of concentration. All you need is an old pair of large earrings (that you like of course), a safety pin, a really small cardboard cutout and hot glue (super glue). It turns out perfectly. I will also be sharing videos on my YouTube channel starting this April.

I had once seen this exact print on Burna Boy in a newspaper ad and I fell in love with them. So you can imagine my excitement when I found them among my mum’s old clothes.
You don’t have to wait for more old trends to be cycled back into existence, carry out an occasional SKIM of your mum or much older sister’s wardrobe or be resourceful and source out diy videos online you would be amazed the treasures you would find all free.
fyi:- i really hate this picture

HAVE YOU BEEN IN YOUR MUMS WARDROBE, FAVOURITE THRIFT STORE RECENTLY OR BEEN HANDY WITH YOUR SEWING KIT?  Share your findings and creations by making use of the comments section below.

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