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by - December 21, 2016

One of the things I enjoy most about this season is the “gift giving part”. I really wished this post involved a couple of giveaways, but I am positive that next year would come with a series of giveaways. So for the time being, I have compiled a couple of items, that I am positive would make a great gift this Christmas especially for ladies, most of which do not cost so much. Whether you are cheap skate or a big spender, there is something in here you can get your girl. In the order of costs here are a couple of ideas for presents this season;


Although it seems like such a cheap gift to give, the temperature in certain cities makes this a very thoughtful gift. You can give more life to the gift by printing a romantic message on it; this should not cost you more than 1,500 in total (depending on the kind of towel you wish to get).


Ladies this days have gotten the “African prints fever”, so you can get your girl a really nice Ankara set for as low as #1,700 naira. I got one in the picture for just 1, 500, making it a perfect gift if you are a man that is juggling multiple women, just get a number of this and you are good to go.
Ps: This are market prices, I got this at Oshodi in Lagos Nigeria. Stores often sell at much higher prices than the outdoor markets.


This is another cheap gift you can get your girl this Christmas, and thanks to #AsoebiBella this would make an awesome Christmas gift. Sego head ties come in beautiful colors and patterns; they are retailed at about #2,000 naira. Ignore my nail polish would take care of that today 🙈.


Need I say more?
Reflector shades are here and in vogue, they are really beautiful. Online you can get shades like this for as low as #5000, mostly from Instagram sellers. But I got a much better deal for mine at #3,500 naira, let us just say I know a guy and you would have to hire me to shop for you to enjoy my “I know a guy privileges”.


Get your girl really nice scented foot lotion, like my mint foot lotion by the foot factory. Accompanying it with face mask preferably mud (feels more spa-ish), each cost about 3,500 so you can both for 7,000. To make the gift complete why not give her a foot massage.


Maybe it is just me, but there is something about scent diffusers that makes me happy. Not only do they make a room smell good, they often make really nice décor. I got the Scentimental diffuser as a souvenir at a birthday party in Lagos. Notice the fabulous boxing, this retails for 6,500.


This makes me giddy because I am a lover of perfumes. I suggest the Versace yellow diamond or Dots by Marc Jacobs, now this is where the big spenders come in (I think). These were both Christmas gifts actually, and just out of curiosity I decided to look up the cost of each. The Versace yellow diamond retails for about $94, which should be within 40,000. While Dots by Marc Jacobs is sold for about #20,00 naira.
Extra suggestion:Shoes 
This was not in my initial selections, but which lady doesn’t love shoes from the prim and proper down to the tomboys?

Shopping for us ladies can be hard, especially when you have no clue what we want. That is why I dedicated DAY 3 of the 7 days of Christmas, to helping you men gain points this Christmas.
So tp you handsome men that took time to read this post, which one of my favorite gifts is your girl likely to get this Christmas, let me know by making use of the comments section below. Also comment if you would need extra help to get your girl the perfect gift this season.
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